First Swedish Job



So this last summer I had my very first official job in Sweden. After taking classes to learn Swedish I took a year program (in Swedish, I was actually the only foreign student) which covered a little of everything when it comes to plants and even how to drive a tractor and build stairs and paths. It was rather exciting but the best part was always the plants.

I was fortunate enough to get to work this summer at a beautiful garden in Umeå called Smultronstället. They have an amazing park with just about everything in the way of bushes, trees and perennials that can grow around here as well as summer plants, roses and the cutest boutique!

I got to work outside with the plants as well as inside (where there are also plants!) and was pretty much as happy as can be. If it weren’t for the snow season that reigns over Umeå for about five months a year, I would be begging them to let me work there all year round. There’s nothing like going to work surrounded by plants and happy people.

I’m so grateful to have had the experience and I learned so much from the owners. I’m really hoping to work there again next summer. Fingers crossed!



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