Mother Daughter Quilts


So I wanted to make a quilt for my friend’s daughter but I also wanted to make a quilt for my friend. Solution? Mother daughter quilts. The daughter’s quilt I made smaller and a little simpler but I used the same material in both of them so that they would match.


This was the daughter quilt. I apologize for the wrinkles.. The circles and butterfly are cut out from other materials and then sewn to fusible interfacing that I cut a hole in the middle of to turn them right side out again so that when I put them on the quilt where I want them they had their edges sewn inside and the fusible part of the interfacing against the quilt. I ironed them into place where I wanted them and the interfacing made them stick, and then I sewed them down by hand. I sewed a few hearts onto the quilt too, from front to back through the batting.


Since it’s a baby quilt I sewed her name along the top and then her birth date on the bottom because, well, that’s what was on my baby quilt!


For her mother’s quilt I used the same materials. It’s larger and I did the same thing I did with the circles for the butterflies.


I also gave the butterflies little heads and antenna.

I had a great time working on these at craft fikas with friends in Umeå but was super excited to finally have a finished product.



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