Joe & The Juice

Joe & The Juice is a juice bar we found at the end of Terminal 4 in Arlanda Airport that was great! We loved it so much that we went there on our way back too.





You don’t have to be in the airport to try Joe & the Juice. There’s a couple in Stockholm as well as a few other cities in the southern parts of Sweden. It’s a shame there isn’t one in Umeå or, dare I dream, Kiruna. It’s really nice to get to sit in a cafe but drink something that isn’t full of caffeine or sugar. They have coffee too, of course but most of the menu is juices they make right there or smoothies.


We got to try four juices since we were there twice! My first pick was the Energizer (grapefruit, apple and ginger) and Phong’s was the Fiber Active (avocado, apple and citron). Both were great! I was surprised how much I liked the grapefruit and ginger together.




The second time around we tried Joe’s Sweet Kiss (raspberry, apple and ginger) and Hell of a Nerve (strawberry, elderberry and banana). Again, they were great.









If Joe should ever read this blog, seriously, send some Juice up north. We might have a longer winter but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate a goood juice.




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