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Umeå has some pretty amazing cafes and bakeries and I realized that I have quite a few pictures from them, so I’m going to do a few posts to show them off! I’ve been visiting most of these cafes off and on for the past five years.

Mekka is a great bakery and spacious cafe with an amazing selection of treats. It’s a little more pricey than the other cafes in centrum but it’s also open when the others aren’t, which I really appreciate sometimes.


If you’re not familiar with Swedish bakeries, these are some of the usual suspects in pastries.

IMG_20141231_110739Oh! One of the reasons I have a soft spot for Mekka is their biskvi (The round ones to the bottom left). Usually, a biskvi has some sort of chocolate buttercream inside. I’ve described this to friends as an entire cake condensed down into one, seemingly average, cookie. Another cafe, Kakmonstret, made a viol biskvi that I fell in love with and have since been on the hunt for more oddly flavored biskvi. Mekka, to my delight, makes a strawberry and a lemon and they are amazing!

IMG_20141231_111701Things to know about Mekka if you’re looking for a cafe-

They have food as well as desserts.

The lattes are not always consistant in size. Sometimes it’s tall, sometimes it’s short. I don’t know what’s up with that because I always order a large.

Swedish brownies are unamazing. Just get a kläddkaka, it’s their brownie and it’ll blow your mind if you’re a chocolate lover. (That’s really just something to know about all Swedish cafes.)

It’s on the first floor and has plenty of room if you’re pushing a baby carriage.

The staff is delightful.

The bathroom is not.

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