Drottningholm Garden


Off the back of Drottningholm Castle is this great open park. By open, I mean that locals seem to be picnicking and taking their dogs for walks here. A portion of the park (the center with the neatly raked gravel for example) is for looking only.


The gates into the park. Who doesn’t want gold fringed gates?


It’s hard to resist combed gravel, isn’t it? It’s kind of like looking at smooth, untouched snow.


Pretty sure that statue on the fountain was of a man bludgeoning some sort of water creature.


Mazes in the hedges! There were short ones as well as tall ones.


As you can see, the garden went on for a ways and eventually led into an orchard and then to a path to the Chinese Pavilion.


As you can see, we had great luck with the weather during our garden trip. At times it was so sunny that we could barely take pictures without squinting angrily at the camera.

All pictures of me were taken by Linn!

Upcoming post- Sunday tea in Umeå!


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