7x7x7x7 Challenge

I was challenged by Laura Harvey on Twitter and it sounded fun so here it is!

How it works? Go to the seventh page of your work in progress, find the seventh line, and then post the next seven to your blog or this blog or wherever you like! Then challenge seven other writers to do the same.

Vaun retorted sharply as he pushed the paper off to the side and picked up his fork once more. She might have ignored his breakfast cake but he would not.

The cringe never went beyond her eyes, but he saw it and it was enough to make him smile again. His sister had been forced into a marriage with the oldest son of the Vym family long ago and had never quite recovered from the scorn of it all.

“Tell me you didn’t rat me out to my own sister.” The Prince looked at Addom, taking a bite but only pretended to enjoy it. Eventually, even cakes became dull.

What did I learn from this?

1. My sentences are long. Really, really long.

2. Almost all of my writer friends are recluses who refuse to have twitter or blogs or even facebook. So, if you’re one of my writer buddies and you read this blog, consider yourself challenged. I’m going to have to go dig a few of you out of your hideaways..


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  1. From the horror romance Bone Balustrade by Phong Chau.

    She missed her opportunity when Emma laughed at something that The Virgil Kid, as city-wide gossip knew him, had said. Esther knew that kind of laughter. It was the kind of sound you perform to draw others in. Openly false, but with a flattering intention. She had never imagined that the queen would have to do that. Before anyone could really process the implications of this, Emma asked

    “So, if you have a heart, after all, whom does it like more out of, say, us here?”

    What did I learn from this?

    1. Hard to know who is talking about whom when you take things out of context like this.

    2. Feel like BB kinda holds up, though.

    1. It does hold up! You got a good set of lines out of this game. Though, you don’t write many unfantastic lines so I’m not surprised.

  2. I will have you know that this challenge was a painful experience for me, because it’s made me realize some horrific things.

    but here it is, the seven lines from the seventh line from page seven of my WIP, in all it’s unedited glory:

    ‘That night’, Moira couldn’t give it a name besides that, everything else felt so silly in comparison. But it had happened weeks ago, when she’d been trying to sleep. Everything within her was humming, alive, and she had been so restless.

    There’d been the screech of a bird, outside, something that lived in the dark and unable to stay in bed – white and large in the gloom – Moira had slipped out, padding along her carpet to the deep window seat that overlooked her yard.

    It was the moon she looked at.

    The window frame under her hand was cool and the yard was flooded with bright light but it was the moon – shining, bright white – that held her there, the humming within her unstopped. The lights from the city beyond meant that most of the stars were lost, but the brightest stayed – and the moon. ”


    1. Not sure what horrible things you think you realized, dear… Was it that you’re amazing and squandering your talents by spending all day putting adorable tape in your adorable planner? Resist the cute and finish your manuscript! You can do it!

  3. From Ghost Writer.

    “You don’t have to answer, Mr. Marcum.”

    I’m a bit surprised by this option, but studying my adversary, I dislike the grin she wears. She twirls the pen in her hand which gives me an idea. “I’d like to write down my answer.”

    I feel like a trained seal about to jump through a hoop, but I carefully bank my resentment as the attorney walks towards me and gives me a fresh piece of paper.

    I hold out my other hand. “Your pen?”

    What I learned. My lines are pretty short.

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