Writing Update

So, after much effort and time trying to get a series I was working on picked up, I decided to set it aside and try something else. The problem I was having was that I had written three books but still could only try to sell that first one. So, my new idea is to write a few single books in different genres and see if that doesn’t help my odds in getting started.

Instead of fantasy or urban fantasy, I wrote a horror this summer. It’s post apocalyptic/zombie mayhem and if nothing else, it was so much fun to work on! A bunch of it was in first person, which is incredibly new for me. When I read it through, I loved it. So, it’s either alright or I’ve gone mad. The whole thing might be a mess and I just can’t see it, but that’s what Phong’s for. I gave him the okay to tell me if it’s completely awful when he reads it through. I ended up with a few more ideas for horrors, completely different kinds, and I can’t wait to try them out. I have officially added them to the long list of stories Cheryl wants to write.

Next up, chosen from the before mentioned list by Phong (my advisor in all things), will be an incredibly vulgar crime novel with a twist not yet to be revealed!

Onward until my keyboard breaks or my fingers do!


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