Afternoon Tea at The Orangery


The Orangery is located just on the other side of the Kensington Gardens, so we booked a teatime there, planning to take a look at the palace first. It worked out great and afterward we took a walk around the gardens.


We had afternoon tea. I took Assam tea and vegetarian sandwiches. We each had our own pot of tea, which is good because when we share we run out quickly.


This is the Royal Palace tea set! So pretty but so pricy. It was available for purchase in the Kensington gift shop.


Scones, clotted cream, and jam. I was not overly impressed by clotted cream but Linn liked it.


Finger sandwiches! They were cuter than they were tasty. I think the cheese one was my favorite and the pickle one my least favorite. Of course that meant that I got two of the pickle sandwiches because that’s just kind of how the world works–even when having afternoon tea in London. But because it was afternoon tea in London, and a new experience, I ate both of my pickle sandwiches quite happily.


Desserts! So pretty. The cake was spongue with a raspberry filling and the macaron was, well, a macaron, but the chocolate-orange mousse was really nice.


Upcoming blog posts: Food Adventures in London and A walk through the Victoria & Albert Museum.




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A walk through Kensington Gardens


Beautiful Queen Victoria statue at the edge of the Kensington Gardens. The weather was amazing. It didn’t rain once under our visit.


Tulips! We were there early in the seasons so I imagine this looks even more amazing by mid summer.


Snapped this picture of the garden from inside Kensington Palace.


That’s the Palace there, on the other side of the labyrinth below.



We went for this walk around the gardens after our teatime at The Orangery. In the above right picture, you can see The Orangery a little.


Another Linn & Cheryl adventure selfie. We take a lot of these.

Upcoming blog posts: Afternoon Tea at The Orangery and Food Adventures in London.



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