I’ve never  been particularly sentimental about New Years but I do love the opportunity to make lists and organize. It’s like each year is a drawer full of the things we did, thought, read, and experienced.

In 2017,

  • I published my first novel, Vanity in Dust
  • Did a bunch of writing and editing on other projects
  • Read piles of books
  • Wrote a scifi
  • Put together half a dozen Ikea things
  • Visited my family in California
  • Dyed my hair pink (admittedly, I did very little of the work, but I did sit still for a long time)
  • Visited New York for the first time ever
  • Went blonde
  • Turned 30

And what do I hope to put into the drawer of 2018?

  • Publish the second book in the Crowns & Ash series, Detox in Letters
  • Read all the books piled in my Amazon cart plus all the ones I run into this year
  • Figure out how to put screws in that concrete wall in my kitchen
  • Find an agent for my scifi series
  • Do a bunch of book giveaways!
  • Get pastel mermaid hair
  • Publish a horror
  • Write at least one more book

Wish me luck! And I hope all of your years get better and better.

The beautiful picture at the top is another amazing photo by Linn Arvidsson of Books and Knitting. Check out her webpage or add her on instagram if you like pretty book pictures in your feed.


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New Year Resolutions 2016



  • Finally find out what a jellyfish is. Nothing on this planet confuses me as much as jellyfish and despite clocking an obscene number of hours watching nature programs over the years, I’m still not even convinced it’s an animal. Are we sure it isn’t just some sort of floating, carnivorous plant? By the end of 2016 I will be a jellyfish expert! Or, at least, know some stuff about it.
  • Get Vanity in Dust edited and ready for publishing!
  • Write Book 4. Which means I have to get through editing books 2 & 3. See the catch there?
  • Get married. Okay, well, that’s planned but I’ll call it a resolution because it’s kind of a big deal.
  • Write another scary story. The first one was a zombie novel. Next one is going to be an island horror!
  • Learn to use a kettlebell without hitting myself. I think that’s pretty self-explanatory.
  • Feel like I own enough washi tape.

That’s what I’ve got for this year! I have my cute calendar and planer ready. Let’s do 2016!

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