My Writing Space

Welcome to my writing space!

With the second book of the Crowns & Ash Series out in the world and a horror novella coming soon, I took the morning to clean my desk and snap a picture. The post-its usually get out of hand and end up covering most of it.

I have little lights up on the board  and around the pots that I turn them on when I’m writing. I like to think they help me focus when I’m having trouble getting work done.

The big cork board is covered in pictures, postcards, info notes to myself, a calendar, and pretty much anything I need to not lose.

Highest up is my burgeoning collection of prints! They’re beautiful and I feel so inspired when I look up at them.

I also have my purple work tie on the board. I wear it when it’s time to get to work–usually when I’m having trouble focusing.

Computer: Acer

Keyboard: Razor Ornata

I bought it after my first paycheck from writing. I picked it for the clacking sounds and the lights under the keys. I love it so much! I can even set it to do rainbow ripples after my keystrokes. Not going to lie–that was my primary keyboard criteria.


This is the tidiest my writing space ever looks. Is your work space prone to clutter too, or is it just me?

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