A walk through London


I got to spend a few days in May in London with my Linn. We had a great time! We arrived on a Wednesday and left on a Sunday morning (unreasonably early).


We dedicated a morning to a walk along the Thames in order to get a look at some of the classic sights. We, of course, started with lattes.

Note to other tourists: London has a surprising lack of trashcans. Prepare to carry that cup forever.


Buckingham Palace! It was my first time in London (in England really) so we had to walk by and get a look. I was mostly impressed with the gate.


Look at that thing! That is one impressive gate. I do love gilded things.


And there was a unicorn! Several, actually.

walkf2The Victoria Memorial fountain was beautiful! We spent a bit of time just circling it and taking pictures.


You’ll notice we’ll be wearing sunglasses in most of the pictures. We had incredible luck with the weather. On the last day we were out and about there were even warning on the subway to instruct people feeling unwell from the heat to get help at the stations.


We started our walk around 8 so I think we missed the larger wave of tourists. In our experience, people in London were really nice and very helpful.


You’ll come to notice that I have a thing for statues. It may even rival my chandelier obsession.


Linn had an impressive map, without which we would have been doomed. The subway system was amazing and super easy. If you did happen to get confused, there’s staff at the entrances to help you out. London was incredibly tourist friendly. I suppose it makes sense considering how many tourists go there every year.


Big Ben. Seen it. Check!



Took a bunch of pictures with Big Ben. Check!


Didn’t know that seeing a crowned lamppost was on my list of things to see in life, but it definitely was. CHECK!


More posts from our trip to come, including: Kensington Palace, Hyde Park, Tourist Tips, Food Adventures, Shopping Adventures and Afternoon tea at the Orangery.

And, as always, all pictures of me (or me and Linn) were taken by Linn.

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Travel to Stockholm


We went to Stockholm for the weekend. The flight from Kiruna down took about an hour and a half. We flew with Norwegian Air. I’ve only ever had good experiences with Norwegian. And Stockholm was blissfully without snow!


Phong slept on just about every piece of transportation, as usual. He even fell asleep on the plane before take off and didn’t wake again until we were in the air.



We took the bullet train between the airport and the train station in town. It’s a little more expensive than the bus but it only takes about 20 seconds and it was really comfy. It’s cheaper the more seats you’re buying at a time.


We stayed at Scandic Sjöfartshotellet. Scandic is a chain of hotels here. We were surprised to find tiny twin beds in our room. The cabinet behind him in the picture folded down into a second bed. We moved the other one over so we could sleep next to each other. Phong and I sleep like otters. We hold hands. I didn’t know this was an otter thing until Phong heard about how they hold hands so they don’t drift away from one another at night.


Swedish hotels have great breakfast buffets! Breads with different spreads, cheeses, veggies and meat slices. Baked beans, bacon, eggs and much more.


This particular Scandic also had teapots you could fill and bring to your table. A nice touch.


The whole hotel was very nice. Big gym downstairs. Happy staff. And a good breakfast.

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His Travel Weakness


Phong is a delight to travel with. He makes me laugh, is willing to play the same card game with me for upwards of four hours, always lets me have the window seat, and never eats the last cookie, chip, or piece of candy.

We’ve traveled by car, plane, train, boat, and bus and over the years I’ve noticed his one travel weakness. Phong always falls asleep.

I’m not sure how he takes the city bus on his own because I’ve seen him fall asleep on a five minute bus ride before.

20140327_183107On a train.

IMG_4374In the car heading home after camping.

20150313_145026On a bus for all of five minutes.

20150925_101046Train. And taking these pictures isn’t easy either. He has a sense for when a camera is pointed at him. Quite often he’ll wake up abruptly and pose.

20150911_153953Train. Repurposing his jacket and my scarf for a neck brace.


Car in California. The first sleeping travel Phong picture I ever took, about 10 years ago.

He might not always stay awake while we travel but he does hold my hand while he sleeps so it evens out.



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A Boy And His Statues

IMG_1577(Helsingborg, Sweden 2012)

While going through the last handful of years of pictures on my computer I noticed something curious. Over all those years and trips, Phong has interacted with more than ten statues/sculptures and I have photographed him.

IMG_3933(Helsingborg, Sweden 2011)

moose(Lycksele Zoo, Sweden 2009)

IMG_1550(Garden in Malmö 2012)


IMG_1537(Turns out Phong likes kissing)

IMG_0512(Trying to move the turtle in Umeå 2010)

z3(Riding a lion at the San Fransisco Zoo back in 2009)

z2(The lions won)

IMG_1480(Becoming a seal in San Fransisco 2009)

castle(Royal Castle in Stockholm 2014)

As you might imagine, life with Phong is pretty fun.

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Riding Trains in Sweden


I’ve taken the trains up and down Sweden, from Skåne to Umeå and Umeå to Kiruna and a number of stops in between. Usually they’re pretty great but every so often there’s a mishap with delays, power outages (which can get pretty chilly in the winter) or that time we had to stop for reindeer on the tracks.


Not all trains are created equal. Above is a picture of one of my all time favorites! It was a Norrtåg going from Umeå to Boden. No assigned seats but super new, tall backed chairs, space for luggage and a little tv that kept you updated on news and the time. This one had such a great vibe that I actually wrote the train number down somewhere in hopes of taking it again.

It is only in second place because of an SJ train we took from Stockholm to Umeå last summer. That one was not only a new train but it zipped along the rails, keeping us informed on the time, the upcoming stops and the speed at which we were traveling above each doorway. AND on that train I had booked us in first class. It’s not always an option but when it is I take it. It usually doesn’t cost much more but is so worth it! A lady came by with a trolley to offer coffee and tea and there was a kitchenette with fruits and tiny brownies to take. I am, admittedly, a sucker for free things- especially when those free things are sugary.


Things to keep in mind.

Seats with tables. These are the ones where a row faces another row of passengers with a table in the middle. Unless you enjoy making conversation with strangers, other people’s legs in your space, or are traveling with a group large enough to book all (normally four but sometimes six) seats, I would avoid these. These are usually where we get stuck when we book late during a busy season.

Food. Bring your own! Why? Because you can! You can bring whatever food you want on a train. Phong and I usually make a date out of our train travels. We bring dinner and snacks, not to mention cards and sometimes the little laptop with headphones to watch movies. Many trains do have a “dining car” but in my experience they have not been impressive. The food is pretty much muffins and microwave dinners. And, most importantly, depending on when you’re traveling and where that car might be closed. So at the very least, always have a bottle of water and something to munch on in your bag.

If your seat is terrible, or the person next to you is. Find a new one! You could check out the dining car and take a seat in there if you want or  you could just hop into an open seat nearby. The only reason you have to sit in your assigned seat is if all of the other ones are filled. Of course, if someone arrives who has a ticket for the seat you’re now in, you should move. Just move. Don’t give me that pouty “but I’m sitting here” face because I’ll still make you move if that’s my seat and you would do the same to me if our roles were reversed.



Most important tip? Travel with a friend because they do hilarious things like this and, if you’re two, you probably don’t have to sit by a stranger. Well, no stranger than you’re used to.



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