Stuffed Tomatoes and Onions


This is one of those recipes that’s really simple and flexible and tasty but actually looks like you knew what you were doing.

I sautéed some mushrooms (cut them smallish first) while I cored the tomatoes and onions. For the tomatoes, it’s kind of like gutting a pumpkin but a lot faster and a little more delicate. I just cut the tops out and then use a spoon to scoop out the insides. The onions take a little more muscle and finesse to get out as much as possible without breaking the onion. It’s best if you only have one or two layers of onion left for the shell. And save your onion shavings! You can use those for other things!


I mixed the mushroom with thawed spinach, chopped up feta cheese and some fake bacon bits (I’m vegetarian by the way, has that come up yet?). I’ve also made this using fake ground beef and different cheese on top of the filled tomatoes. You can really just do what you want here and fill it with what you like.


Tips! If you use real meat, make it small and cook it first. And, because I tried, I learned that this is a lot trickier if you try to add egg to the mixture in the tomatoes because the tomatoes are already quite juicy and the liquid just makes it really hard for the egg to cook. Learn from my mistakes!


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