Gräddbullerian – Väla


In Väla we found this place that just makes gräddbullar but in a bunch of different flavors. For any nonSwedes, gräddbullar are a classic treat. They’re iconically a wafer with a mound of egg white/sugar fluff that’s been dipped in chocolate. They are incredibly sweet!


At Gräddbullerian they make the gräddbullar right there on the counter (behind a glass window). There are currently two of them in Sweden, the first of which is in Väla. We actually met the lady on the website, I’m guessing she’s the owner, and she was incredibly friendly. Maybe if we’re lucky we’ll see one of these in Umeå someday!


While they do have the original gräddbullar, they also have them in a bunch of other flavors like strawberry, raspberry, lime, candy topped, mocha and licorice. By the way, when Swedes say licorice they mean it. No cherry flavored stuff. It tastes like licorice- the black kind.



And they come in mini sized! Which is actually great because these things are surprisingly intense.


I tried the lime one and Phong was especially brave and went for the raspberry licorice one.


They were great! As you can see, I manage to eat mine without destroying it while Phong’s was a whole different experience. In fact, I put together a gif of him eating! It is my very first gif so here’s hoping it works!



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