Christmas Round ONE!


We decorated our houseplant this year. We’re planning to go to Umeå for the holidays but I didn’t want to skip over christmas decorations at our apartment all together. Phong and I have a habit of exchanging presents early. We just get so excited when we both have gifts to give the other. This year we made it all the way until December 6th before unwrapping them! We even put on christmas music.


I had absolutely no idea what Phong got me this year even though he told me that he had Nymla make it. We had seen her at a craft market in Umeå in September and loved her things so much! If you have a chance, check her out. She has a shop on Etsy too and, as it turns out, she does commission work!


My super amazing christmas gift from Phong! He had a bookend made with pages from the book I wrote and the wolf! I absolutely love it. It was thoughtful and one of a kind and all mine!

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