New Umeå Library


When we were visiting family in Umeå for Christmas Linn showed me around the new library and I’m more than a little jealous.

library2It’s a whole new building by the river in the center of town and it has an entrance in this courtyard where a cafe, restaurant, and delicacy food store share a space with a high glass ceiling, giving it an outdoor feeling without actually being outdoors. What I thought was really neat about this is that you could, literally, wander into this library. It also had an escalator that goes straight up to the second floor where the kids section is, which I thought was pretty well thought out since I’ve seen more than a few toddlers enamored with escalators.


The walls are all these great windows and there’s even an outdoor patio area on the second floor that had a great view of the river and I imagine might be a great spot in the summer.


Book returns are entirely automatic, as they have been for a while, but what’s neat is that you get to watch them go down the conveyor belt and, depending on what floor they belong on, onto the elevators.


And the kids area has a whole room of enlarged pages from a Mumin book where you can put your face in the holes! It was not easy to get a picture of this without a bunch of kids in it.


Linn also showed me where they put all of the old books in these great glass cases in these electronic shelves that slide sideways to open up and save space.


Not only are there the usual private study rooms, but there’s a movie theater! And a few art galleries tucked between the book sections, study areas, and computers. This whole place seemed really well planned and I wish I could spend chunks of my every day there!



And there was a whole section for craft books and diy books with a few large tables and bowls of yarn! I admit that I was skeptical when they said they were going to build a new building and move the library, but I love it! One day, when we move back to Umeå, I might live in this place.


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