Pictures from my window


We’re moving to a slightly larger apartment this weekend, not far from our current one, but I thought I’d take a moment to immortalize the pictures I have snapped from my window here. This was our very first apartment together alone and it has been a pretty fun year.


The view has come and gone depending on the weather. Sometimes there’s a mine out there across the city of Kiruna and sometimes there is just that eerie grey.


You wouldn’t think it from all the snowy pictures, but summer was unreasonably warm in our apartment. It had no circulation at all and just the one old window. And I have no summer pictures because we opened the window all the way and put up a mesh netting to keep out bees and mosquitoes.




Looking at these pictures now, I’m a little worried that my neighbors might have thought I was peeping on them. I wasn’t, I promise!


Things that will not be missed about this apartment:

The mini-fridge with an unreasonably tiny freezer.

The itty bitty kitchen.

The pigeon that seemed to be living inside the wall.

The crazy warm summer.

The short ceiling.

The two flights of narrow spiraling stairs in my clunky snow boots.


Things that will be missed about this apartment:

Always knowing if there’s anyone else there.

The cat outside in the summer with the incredibly creepy meow. It sounded like a psycho asking “Hellooooo?” and inspired some pretty funny bedtime conversations.

Being less than a five minute walk from my gym.

The view.


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