Swedish Pizza


Alright, if you’re not from Sweden then let me introduce you to Swedish pizza! If you are from Sweden, what are you doing here? Just walk a block or two and get your own.


I know, it looks almost the same as American pizza, but it is not. IT. IS. NOT. This whole thing is for one person. It’s super thin and usually you get a dressing on top too. I always order the garlic sauce but they always forget. It doesn’t even matter what pizza place I order from, somehow the sauce is almost always forgotten on mine.


It does not come cut, you do that yourself. The pizza may not seem that different but it is incredibly disappointing if you like your American pizza. Don’t get me wrong, I love it now, but it took a couple of years to come around to it. Once I tried to order it with olives and there were literally two whole olives on the pizza. No joke. That happens. Another option is to get a pizza roll like Phong did.


It’s pretty much a pizza that they then pile salad on and sauce and then roll up. It’s pretty good, especially if you’re eating it on the go. We had them when we were on the train from Kiruna to Umeå once. It made for a great travel meal.


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  1. They’re trying to do the sauce/dressing thing more at Pizza Hut! I’ve been too afraid to try it, since I want to do one of the strange ones if I do (like Honey Chipotle) and I just don’t know how to make the pizza to make that taste good.

    One day…

    I hope one day your sauce is remembered!

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