Chinese Pavilion – Stockholm


While Linn and I were visiting Drottningholm Castle we took a walk through the garden and to the Chinese Pavilion.


It’s basically a mini castle built in 1753 as a birthday present from the King to his Queen, Lovisa Ulrika. Obviously, he was good at giving presents.


The little chapel was a separate building. There was also a separate dining room.


We noticed quickly that the rooms of the Pavilion were color themed. It even had a little upstairs room but it was very dark up there because they try to limit the lighting in order to preserve the rooms. So we only had filtered sunlight.


We saw a lot of Chinese inspired art in Drottningholm castle, as well. (I’m saying inspired because at least the few pieces asked about during our tour of Drottningholm were not actually Chinese. It seems artists from different European countries made Chinese inspired works as it was in fashion.)


Chandeliers! And I was very fond of the ‘green room’ as we took to calling it. Linn and I were incredibly lucky with this visit. When we were their the Pavilion was almost entirely empty, enough so that we were usually alone in the rooms.

This trip was so much fun! I always leave castles feeling incredibly inspired. I doubt that’s a surprise or at all uncommon.

Next blog post will be about the Royal Garden!


And, again, all pictures of me were taken by Linn.


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