The Not-So-Sick Day

I don’t get sick often but when I do it makes me think that sick days are wasted on actually being sick. So, once in a while, maybe once a year or every other year, we should really take a sick day while we’re perfectly healthy and able to enjoy it.

  1. Cancel everything. Call in sick. Refuse to leave your house for an entire day.
  2. Sleep in! If you have to get up to send someone else off to work or school, do so but then climb back into bed.
  3. Don’t put in your contact lenses or brush your hair. Pretty much ignore mirrors entirely.
  4. Wear your comfy clothes and drag your blanket and pillow to the couch with you.
  5. Watch shows you would never watch if anyone was looking. We’re talking daytime television here and when it gets boring, nap.
  6. Read books. Drink tea. Eat your comfort foods, diets be damned! And do it all from your comfy nest of blankets and cushions.
  7. Do absolutely nothing productive for a whole day.

Try it out! Because I’m pretty sure that being home sick would be pretty great if it wasn’t for the sick part.


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1 Comment

  1. Tiger…
    Spoken as a Swede… Lol
    Re: 1-7, we have that here in the U.S.A.
    They call it um…. Welfare or Public Assistance ?
    Love you.. Da

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