Sunday Tea in Umeå – Part 2


Linn and I had such a great time at Sunday Tea last time I was in Umeå that we made sure to go again this time. Truth be told, we might be going there every time I’m in town because that’s how much fun it is. Sunday Tea is at Umeå’s Stora Hotellet.


I can imagine that teatime may not be for everyone. But Linn and I can easily spend a couple hours taking pictures, drinking tea, chatting and eating our treats one at a time. We start with the scones, then the toasts, and finally the sweets. We even eat the sweets in descending order of suspected goodness.


We were so happy with the scones that we bought marmalade on the way home and made our own scones that night. We even imagined making our own marmalades, though neither of us have actually done that yet.


We went vegetarian so our sandwiches were cheese and chanterelle mushrooms. The mini croissants and mini cinnamon buns were really cute.


Here’s a link to the original post with more detailed info about the place and our experience. I definitely recommend a visit here if you find yourself in Umeå on a Sunday.

And, as usual, both pictures of me were taken by the amazing Linn.



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  1. Adorable looking tea, and adorable looking Cher! Sounds like you and Linn had fun – I really like the photos!! Although the toast thing weirds me out… it should be sandwiches!!

    1. Thank you, Whit! Sweden has a tendency to do open faced sandwiches. It’s kind of their standard. And they looooove chanterelle mushrooms. They pick them in the forests here.

  2. Tiger.. You look Soo cute.. I always loved going with Nana to the relatives for the “social” they would always have the best cookies, toasts & treats. I distinctively recall them drinking coffee.
    From an ornate silver pot.
    I love you Tiger… Da

    1. Thanks, dad! If I was ever someone’s “nana” I would definitely make them come over for teatime with cookies and toasts.

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