Shopping Adventures in London


Between castles and cafes and museums and parks we managed to wedge in a good amount of shopping.

We walked Portobello Market.


The only thing we bought at the market was a potato skewer thingy. While they were making it we started to regret the purchase because it looked like way too much greasy potato but, as is often true, greasy potato is amazing!


Yes, we went to platform 9 3/4. There’s a pretty impressive Harry Potter store as well as the baggage cart half in the wall for taking pictures with. The dauntingly long and winding line of children kept us from actually getting a picture with the baggage cart, but we did see it!


The Platform 9 3/4 shop has everything and looks adorable!


We got to see and overhear Harry Potter fans from around the world geeking out in this place. Despite the pictures, it was packed. I had to wait and be quick about the picture taking to get ones without a bunch of people in the way.


The Moomin Shop! We had to take a peek at this one since Moomin is Swedish. It was a really adorable store.


We saw a couple of these kitschy cute Cath Kidston stores around. Unfortunately, they smell so strongly of perfume that we couldn’t stand to be in them for very long.


kikki.K kind of blew our minds. We went in because a friend of mine in Australia has raved about it. But when we took a look around, we started to get surprised how Swedish things felt. And then we noticed one of the planners had text in Swedish on it!


But we’ve never seen a kikki.K in Sweden and were quite certain we’d remember if we had. Also, it would probably be really popular in Sweden. So, we asked one of the staff what was up with this place and he told us that the woman who started the boutique in Australia was from Sweden! Mystery solved! Seriously though, kikki.K should probably be in Sweden too…


3ina! We went in because we saw a wall of color that turned out to be nail polishes!


I ended up asking about a makeup problem I was having, they were delightful and now I’m sold on a brand that doesn’t even exist in Sweden.




One of the few shops we were actually looking for was Forbidden Planet.


Tons of fan-swag on the first floor but downstairs was where we found the walls of books and comics.


They even had a steampunk section with some of my favorites! Linn spent some serious time in here. We had to come back after a coffee break.


I’m going to include the Royal Opera House in our shopping adventure because I was really excited about their gift shop. We didn’t have tickets to see anything (because Frankenstein was totally booked) but we still swung by for the gift shop.

Honestly, we saw a lot of great gift shops. Not just the museums but even the British Library had a great gift shop. Though I supposed the British Library is a bit of a museum itself..

All pictures of me were snapped by the amazing Linn.

Upcoming posts (yes, we are finally getting down to the last of the London posts): Cafes in London, The POD, and Traveling to London.

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