I am a big horror fan! So as not to throw horror flick/scary book stuff in with the rest of my blog and writing stuff here, I’m going to make a separate section for it, Something Wicked.

With Halloween coming up, I’ll be dropping lists of some of my favorite horrors over the next few weeks.

The horror genre is busting at the seams with subgenres: ghost, creature feature, alien, thriller, slasher, monster. And even among people that like horror, they have their subgenre favorites, the things that give them the heebie jeebies, and the things that just don’t. What scares one person, won’t work on another. Trying to hit that mark–unnerving a person, giving them the creeps–while pulling off a solid story is impressive. I love love love a scary story with a twist.

I like most all horror genres EXCEPT for gore/splatter. Let me explain that real quick. I don’t mind violence and gross stuff in a horror flick/story when it serves the plot but I’m not into it being the plot. I don’t do torture horror or gross scientist/experiment stuff (example: The Hills Have Eyes and Human Centipede). You won’t find it here unless I end up doing a list of my most disliked horror movies.

And am I the only one that gets motion sick in shaky-cam flicks, like Blair Witch? This has really gotten in my way on a couple occasions, like with Cloverfield. I can’t watch it. It’s like a blind spot. Although it’s not a huge loss, since the whole “it’s real!” doesn’t scare me. It’s not real and I’d rather it just be well-filmed… BUT! Sometimes I can make it through a shaky-came movie when the cameras are held well or mounted like in the Paranormals (not a fan) and As Above, So Below (loved it).

As mentioned, what creeps out one person won’t always work on another, so my favorite movies might not be yours and you might LOVE shaky-cam or gore flicks, you just won’t find much of them here.

Something Wicked is going to be a bit of an experiment on my webpage. A scary corner on the site for everything a little more horror than fantasy. Bear with me while I get it going and I hope you enjoy it!

Do you have a favorite horror genre? Favorite movie or book?


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