Writing The Whicker Witch

I have a couple projects in the works this year and among them are a few horror novellas/novels I’m writing and editing. I usually set aside a few weeks to write my first drafts. They’re sloppy but I get them done and then work on edits later on.

Last month I wrote my first draft of a work I’m currently calling The Whicker Witch. The first week went super smooth, the second got a little bumpy.

I dedicated a couple weeks to it and wrote five thousand words a day. My goal for the project was 50k but that was really just a guess. I wasn’t sure if it would come out longer or shorter.

I swear, I sent my dad a text first. He replied and that led to me calling him up at his 1:15am to talk about bridges for my book.

So the second week didn’t go quite as smooth as the first but I managed to stay on target for my word count. It went over the estimated 50k and into a third week. But it’s done!

And this is pretty much what it looks like! I write all my first drafts on Scrivener because you can have the outline in the same screen as well as a sidebar with character cards and this pretty little project target thingy!

Now, I should be on to editing this or one of the other finished first drafts on my desk BUT I jumped on another novella outline I had ready while I was still on a writing kick.

So, wish me luck! Because now I’m writing a novella about a demon and a mobster on a joyride!

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  1. Hi Cheryl, it’s your Aunt Kim! I am sitting in the infusion lab, reading Infernal, and decided to get on your website. I have sent you and Phong a few emails but I am not sure you received them. I sent them to your email address. Anyway I am enjoying reading Infernal. Sitting on the edge of my seat.

    1. Kimi! I definitely have not gotten any emails from you. Phong says he hasn’t either. I read him your comment and he says he misses you. I am so happy you’re enjoying Infernal! I sent you an email! If you don’t get this one, I will have to get creative. Maybe I’ll make a whole new email account. Love you! <3

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