The Math Quilt



This was actually the first quilt I did on my own. It is particularly long because I made it for my brother and he is particularly tall. He is also studying to be a physicist so I found some great fabrics at that I thought would be great.

The light blue one is actually a Fibonacci spiral.

The white one is supposedly actual equations, not that I could varify that, but my brother hasn’t complained or pointed out any failure in that realm yet so I’m guessing it’s right..

The squares were pretty simply and I added an extra block on the bottom and top because I had fabric over and wanted to make it even longer.


equilt2 equilt4



I used yarn to tie the front and back together with the padding in the middle rather than quilting it. I think quilting is a beautiful art that I would love to learn and get better at, but when it comes to quilts that are comfy to snuggle up in, I’ve always preferred the simple ones.

I finished and sent this one off maybe two years ago so hopefully it’s well rumpled and piled on his bed or couch in the States right now.

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Birds for my mom


This is the quilt I made for my mom about two years ago. This was one of my first quilts and my very first attempt at hand quilting. I actually had to call her a few times because when I started trying to hand quilt it, well, it was hideous and I could not figure out why. If I remember correctly, in the end, the front was nice and the back was… okay. Hand quilting is a craft I’d really like to work more on in the future.

My whole desire to try quilting actually came from missing my mom after I moved to Sweden. All my life she’s been sewing, usually actually in the living room hand quilting something, and it wasn’t something I really thought much about until I moved. It was suddenly odd not to have that all the time. No quilts on the walls. No sewing machine running. No shelves of craft materials to pick from at random (yes, mom, I took your craft stuff ALL THE TIME). So, I figured I’d start doing it too.

Of course, gathering quilting supplies in Sweden was not as easy to do as it would have been in California. There are fabric stores and there are craft stores and there are even embroidery stores, but none of those stores have quilting hoops or stencils or racks of clothing patterns or super pro looking thimbles.

Crafters of North America- you are spoiled. I had to order my hoop online and my mom and aunt were generous enough to send me a bunch of stencils and things.

Anywho, about the above quilt…


I loved making it. I loved finishing it. And most of all, I loved giving it away. I could have done the birds better… I’ve since learned how to do that.

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Mother Daughter Quilts


So I wanted to make a quilt for my friend’s daughter but I also wanted to make a quilt for my friend. Solution? Mother daughter quilts. The daughter’s quilt I made smaller and a little simpler but I used the same material in both of them so that they would match.


This was the daughter quilt. I apologize for the wrinkles.. The circles and butterfly are cut out from other materials and then sewn to fusible interfacing that I cut a hole in the middle of to turn them right side out again so that when I put them on the quilt where I want them they had their edges sewn inside and the fusible part of the interfacing against the quilt. I ironed them into place where I wanted them and the interfacing made them stick, and then I sewed them down by hand. I sewed a few hearts onto the quilt too, from front to back through the batting.


Since it’s a baby quilt I sewed her name along the top and then her birth date on the bottom because, well, that’s what was on my baby quilt!


For her mother’s quilt I used the same materials. It’s larger and I did the same thing I did with the circles for the butterflies.


I also gave the butterflies little heads and antenna.

I had a great time working on these at craft fikas with friends in Umeå but was super excited to finally have a finished product.



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Christmas Cards!

This year I decided to make my own Christmas cards! Now, you may be wondering why I would do that given that I don’t make cards or even really know how to do that. Well, skeptical reader, I have an overabundance of imagination and often think I can tackle crafty project ideas even though I have little to no experience. I blame this on my mother, because she exposed me to her whirlwind of crafts and I seem to think I know how to do them because she knows how to do them… even though there is an ocean between me and her craft room and expertise.

My first thought was that I would stamp the cards with pretty holiday stamps and colors and maybe even use ribbon! And then I panicked because I had to get these going and finished in time to mail them so that my relatives and friends in the states would get them before the 25th.

So, I went to the local craft store in Umeå Centrum and found a tablet of holiday themed scrapbook paper for about 90sek (14 dollars) and it also had these little pop out embellishments in the back.


I cut standard card sizes out of the paper. I got two cards for every sheet. I used my fabric cutter and board. It might not be conventional but I play wild when I do crafts. Wild, I say! If you do this, keep an eye on the designs so you don’t end up with them going horizontal. I used my tiny polaroid printer to print out tiny pictures of Phong and I and then used double-sided foam tape to attach the pictures and the embellishments to the cards.


Tip: Writing in the cards before you add the cute stuff to the front can be easier (and is what I did) but it can also result in accidentally putting the decorations on upside-down. I sent out two upside-down cards. If you’re reading this, I’m not sorry! Yours are special!

Really though, it ended up being easier than I thought and I got them mailed out in time. I hope everyone who gets one enjoys it! Happy Holidays! And if you’re not into holidays, Happy Winter!



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