INFERNAL ~ Cover Reveal

Shrouded in Mystery

According to the legends, those who venture onto the shores of this cursed island never return.


Valerie DeNola and her sister Julie have chosen to ignore the legends and the warnings. They have been selected to lead a team of explorers to the island to discover the mystery surrounding it. But once ashore, they become cut off from the outside world, and what they discover is something they could never have prepared for.

Inhabited by Death

Now they must fight against an unknown presence that is picking them off one by one. No one can be trusted, and when even nature rises up against them, all seems lost. Their one hope is the extraction team they know is coming. But will any of them survive to see it arrive?


Grinning Skull Press has released the cover for my horror novel, Infernal!

I love it and I can’t wait to hold it in my hands.

Coming soon!

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My Top 10 Ghost Movies

With Halloween around the corner, I thought I’d list some of my favorite horror movies! As soon as I started, I realized the list was getting way too long. So, I’m going to break it down into horror groups starting with ghosts.

I love a good ghost story! I crave a solid back story or some good explanation for a haunting and can’t stand when a ghost seems boundlessly powerful. Example, a ghost haunting a house that then somehow follows a person across the ocean while simultaneous still haunting their origin house. No. Just no. Stop it.

Autopsy of Jane Doe

This is a cozy, shoe-box horror. Almost the entire story takes place in a morgue and it is fantastically creepy! A mysterious body brought in for an autopsy turns out to be worse than anything they could imagine.



The Conjuring

The Conjuring is the classic haunted house movie with all the creepy twists and turns and that clapping thing. Oh, god, the clapping!


The Conjuring 2 

The Conjuring 2 takes it up a notch and feels like a ghost movie made for those of us that have seen all the ghost movies. They use all the classic tricks but break them up so we’re not ready for the scare. It doesn’t keep you waiting or play those games where no one else sees the ghost. It’s in your face and nonstop and has spurred other horror flicks–though none of them manage to be as good as The Conjuring movies.



This is a remake and such a good story! A couple on their honeymoon in Japan find themselves haunted by a woman and a dark secret.

I can’t tell you much more than that without the risk of ruining the twists, but you should see it!




Crimson Peak 

Crimson Peak is one of those movies that’s so beautiful and romantic, I forget it’s a horror flick. But it is. It’s creepy as can be and absolutely gorgeous. Ghosts have never been more Gothic.



Lights Out

It’s a simple concept that makes for one of my all time favorite scary movies! The ghost can only take form in the dark, so, as long as you can keep the lights on, you’ll be okay. Right? Good luck.


The Other Side of the Door

A mother overcome by grief and guilt unleashes something terrible.

This is one of those ghost stories that had a really simple rule that always gets broken. Don’t open the door. Just don’t. But they always do.

I really enjoyed this one. The acting was great and the grief alone was so intense.


Ghost Ship

I’ve been watching this movie since I was a kid. It has likable characters, a ship full of ghosts, and a twist. It even has montages! I’m a sucker for a good montage.



The Pact

A woman goes back to her childhood home after her sister vanishes. This movie was so intense! It really kept me guessing and the pay off was great. I can’t even tell you that much without risking spoilers. The story is solid and twisted.



The Apparition

A group tries to prove that phenomena is a product of belief by creating their own supernatural entity. Yeah, it’s a terrible idea! But it makes for a really good horror flick.


Have you seen all of these? Anything you would have added to your list of favorite ghost movies?


Next list will probably be Creature Features or Monsters… And no, they’re not the same thing!

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I am a big horror fan! So as not to throw horror flick/scary book stuff in with the rest of my blog and writing stuff here, I’m going to make a separate section for it, Something Wicked.

With Halloween coming up, I’ll be dropping lists of some of my favorite horrors over the next few weeks.

The horror genre is busting at the seams with subgenres: ghost, creature feature, alien, thriller, slasher, monster. And even among people that like horror, they have their subgenre favorites, the things that give them the heebie jeebies, and the things that just don’t. What scares one person, won’t work on another. Trying to hit that mark–unnerving a person, giving them the creeps–while pulling off a solid story is impressive. I love love love a scary story with a twist.

I like most all horror genres EXCEPT for gore/splatter. Let me explain that real quick. I don’t mind violence and gross stuff in a horror flick/story when it serves the plot but I’m not into it being the plot. I don’t do torture horror or gross scientist/experiment stuff (example: The Hills Have Eyes and Human Centipede). You won’t find it here unless I end up doing a list of my most disliked horror movies.

And am I the only one that gets motion sick in shaky-cam flicks, like Blair Witch? This has really gotten in my way on a couple occasions, like with Cloverfield. I can’t watch it. It’s like a blind spot. Although it’s not a huge loss, since the whole “it’s real!” doesn’t scare me. It’s not real and I’d rather it just be well-filmed… BUT! Sometimes I can make it through a shaky-came movie when the cameras are held well or mounted like in the Paranormals (not a fan) and As Above, So Below (loved it).

As mentioned, what creeps out one person won’t always work on another, so my favorite movies might not be yours and you might LOVE shaky-cam or gore flicks, you just won’t find much of them here.

Something Wicked is going to be a bit of an experiment on my webpage. A scary corner on the site for everything a little more horror than fantasy. Bear with me while I get it going and I hope you enjoy it!

Do you have a favorite horror genre? Favorite movie or book?


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