Cafe Kakmonstret – Umeå – My personal favorite!

cafekm10(this beautiful picture, and the last one of myself, were taken by Linn Arvidsson)

Cafe Kakmonstret is, hands down, my favorite cafe in town. It’s not right in the middle of centrum so it’s not usually over crowded but it’s definately not out of the way. Privately owned, this bakery/cafe is one of a kind and a great spot. The staff are really nice, the treats amazing, and the cafe itself is lovely. It’s a house turned into a cafe with connecting rooms.



Cafe Kakmonstret means Cafe Cookie Monster in english. They make some of the most interesting desserts I’ve run into and they’re always amazing.

Gingerbread cheesecake, for example.

They also make the viol biskvi that rekindled my love of biskvi.




It’s a family cafe so it has a back entrance with a ramp for baby carriages and one of the rooms is set up as a play room for kids. Despite this, it somehow manages to be a much quieter cafe than others I’ve been to.

It also has great chairs and a homey, super clean, bathroom.




Because Kakmonstret is a bakery, they make all their own treats and you can order cakes and such to go. They also serve lunch foods if you’re looking for something more substantial.

I’m pretty sure, if I were to live in a cafe, it would be this one. It also turned out to be the prefect cafe for craftfikas, great lighting, great food, great staff.


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Barista – Umeå – Best Cookies!


Barista is a cafe upstairs in MVG, a galleria in Umeå. It is not the only cafe in the building but it is the only on worth going to. The staff have been, in my experience, delightful and they have both treats and sandwhiches, as well as breakfast choices. They serve coffee, tea, lattes, smoothies and even iced coffees.


Barista does have my favorite cookies in all of Umeå. I’m not sure where they get them from but they’re giant and soft.


The downsides of Barista are, of course, that it’s located in a mall so it can get pretty loud with foot traffic and they don’t have their own bathrooms, as far as I’m aware.

They do have these cute plug ins on the table though if you’re phone is dying and you need an elecricity fix.

It can also be full on occassion so look for a seat before you order if you’re planning to take one.

I know Phong loves the coconut pie/cake creation here and they have these adorable little cupcakes too but I have trouble resisting a good cookie.

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Mekka – Umeå


Umeå has some pretty amazing cafes and bakeries and I realized that I have quite a few pictures from them, so I’m going to do a few posts to show them off! I’ve been visiting most of these cafes off and on for the past five years.

Mekka is a great bakery and spacious cafe with an amazing selection of treats. It’s a little more pricey than the other cafes in centrum but it’s also open when the others aren’t, which I really appreciate sometimes.


If you’re not familiar with Swedish bakeries, these are some of the usual suspects in pastries.

IMG_20141231_110739Oh! One of the reasons I have a soft spot for Mekka is their biskvi (The round ones to the bottom left). Usually, a biskvi has some sort of chocolate buttercream inside. I’ve described this to friends as an entire cake condensed down into one, seemingly average, cookie. Another cafe, Kakmonstret, made a viol biskvi that I fell in love with and have since been on the hunt for more oddly flavored biskvi. Mekka, to my delight, makes a strawberry and a lemon and they are amazing!

IMG_20141231_111701Things to know about Mekka if you’re looking for a cafe-

They have food as well as desserts.

The lattes are not always consistant in size. Sometimes it’s tall, sometimes it’s short. I don’t know what’s up with that because I always order a large.

Swedish brownies are unamazing. Just get a kläddkaka, it’s their brownie and it’ll blow your mind if you’re a chocolate lover. (That’s really just something to know about all Swedish cafes.)

It’s on the first floor and has plenty of room if you’re pushing a baby carriage.

The staff is delightful.

The bathroom is not.

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