Christmas Cards!

This year I decided to make my own Christmas cards! Now, you may be wondering why I would do that given that I don’t make cards or even really know how to do that. Well, skeptical reader, I have an overabundance of imagination and often think I can tackle crafty project ideas even though I have little to no experience. I blame this on my mother, because she exposed me to her whirlwind of crafts and I seem to think I know how to do them because she knows how to do them… even though there is an ocean between me and her craft room and expertise.

My first thought was that I would stamp the cards with pretty holiday stamps and colors and maybe even use ribbon! And then I panicked because I had to get these going and finished in time to mail them so that my relatives and friends in the states would get them before the 25th.

So, I went to the local craft store in Umeå Centrum and found a tablet of holiday themed scrapbook paper for about 90sek (14 dollars) and it also had these little pop out embellishments in the back.


I cut standard card sizes out of the paper. I got two cards for every sheet. I used my fabric cutter and board. It might not be conventional but I play wild when I do crafts. Wild, I say! If you do this, keep an eye on the designs so you don’t end up with them going horizontal. I used my tiny polaroid printer to print out tiny pictures of Phong and I and then used double-sided foam tape to attach the pictures and the embellishments to the cards.


Tip: Writing in the cards before you add the cute stuff to the front can be easier (and is what I did) but it can also result in accidentally putting the decorations on upside-down. I sent out two upside-down cards. If you’re reading this, I’m not sorry! Yours are special!

Really though, it ended up being easier than I thought and I got them mailed out in time. I hope everyone who gets one enjoys it! Happy Holidays! And if you’re not into holidays, Happy Winter!



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