The bun is traditionally a cardamom yeast bun. You carve out the insides and then blend the crumbs with almond paste and cream, filling the hole and then topping it off with whipped cream and then the little cap before dusting it in powdered sugar.


Admittedly, they are not as beautiful when I make them myself, but they still taste good! I like to add strawberry jam to mine. The bakeries here sell them in February. They even have a semla day!


This year someone thought to do a twist on the original and created the semla wrap. It was pretty great. A lot lighter than the classic bun. I’m not sure how common they were across Sweden this season, but we had them in Kiruna!


So, if you ever find yourself in Scandinavia in February, try a semla!



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Food in Piteå!


Heart shaped rice! We went to a Thai restaurant on our first night in Piteå, we could actually see it from our hotel window so it was perfect.



It was called Thai Garden. As you can see, it was not very busy but it was late on a Monday night so I’m just happy they were open at all. Very nice restaurant. There were a few other Thai places in the area. I don’t know why but there seems to be an abundance of Thai restaurants up in the far north of Sweden. In Kiruna we have a handful of Thai places and no Chinese, Japanese or Indian restaurants. It’s pretty much just Thai food or pizza in the north. Which is to say, I have come to like Thai quite a bit.



I picked this particular Thai restaurant over the others this time because they had a particularly large vegetarian menu and that makes us pretty happy.


I actually remembered to snap some pictures before we ate everything. Usually I forget until about half way through the meal that I even thought about taking pictures. I get pretty focused when I’m given food.


I also tried a restaurant in town called Nobo. It was very cute, with coffee and pastries if you’re looking to fika and a nice lunch menu that comes with a salad/pasta bar.


I found and bought a pear flavored biskvi here! It was pretty exciting and yet, no picture. We ate it. The end.

I really liked the staff here and would happily come back the next time I find myself in Piteå.


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Christmas Round TWO!


Yes, I can make caramel corn. Sometimes it turns out better than other times and for the most part I don’t burn myself anymore.

julblog4Phong and I went down to Umeå for Christmas and New Years and we had a great time. The tree and everything was already decorated when we got there and had a nearly obscene pile of presents under it considering we’re a group of adults.

A lot of Swedish things have really grown on me over the years, including glögg- a sort of wine that’s served hot and in tiny cups, and julmust- a christmas soda of which I only seem to like one brand but I do like it enough to make up for any dislike of the others.

But Swedes have a tradition of watching a set of cartoon clips that are replayed at the same time on Christmas Eve every year. The same clips. Every year. With a couple of new ones on the end. I’m not really a fan of this because, well, most of them aren’t even christmasy!


I tried a new cake recipe and it turned out pretty good. It was a snickerdoodle cake! It really smelt like snickerdoodles when it was baking too.

We had a really great time. Ate quite a bit of sweets and watched some good movies and shows with family. We also started playing a charades game with a tablet that turned out to be really funny. I hope everyone else had as great of a holiday break as we did!


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