First post!



I’ll start this site/blog with a little intro to myself.  My name is Cheryl and I was born in California where I spent the first twenty-two years of my life. I fell in love and after five years of a long distance relationship (Seriously, long distance. California to Sweden.) I moved to Umeå and beautiful city in northern Sweden. I love it here. I get asked quite often if I miss living in the States and I don’t. I miss certain people and sometimes I miss velveta shells and cheese or nilla wafers and thunder storms but no, I don’t miss living there. I love it here. I love the crazy amount of snow in the five month winter. I love the summers with their perfect weather and 24 hours of daylight. A portion of this blog is going to be dedicated to differences I find in Sweden vs. the States or just reviews of places in Umeå or anywhere else I might go.

If you happen to speak Swedish, you would be more than welcome to comment in it. After a few years here I am finally fluent but try not to make fun of my bad grammar or misspellings if I reply in Swedish..

I’m a writer. I’ve been writing fiction for just about as long as I could hold a pencil. I have a few books I’ve finished (a series I’m working on) and am seeking an agent. If that ever goes anywhere you can bet that you’ll hear about it pretty much everywhere I have an account on the net.

I also love cooking and baking. I love food! As of the last two years I’ve been a vegetarian which is great because I was one of those people that wrinkled her nose at greens and for the first year I was one of those very rare vegetarians that did not like most all veggies. It’s really helped me try new foods as well as helped me get control of my weight. Don’t get me wrong though, I have nothing against meat eating. I still miss rotisserie chicken with a slightly feral craze at least once a year and when I travel I eat meat because I want to try new foods.

When I’m not writing or eating, I’m often crafting. I generally make it up as I go along so if you are an inexperienced crafter and would like some ideas or perhaps to learn from my mistakes, welcome! If you are an experienced crafter and want to laugh at how I do things backwards, you’re welcome too! My mother is a seamstress and a quilter so if I happen to get anything right, it’s because I gleamed it from years in her company.


Anywho, that’s a bit of me. I’m sure there will be more! Thank you for checking this out.


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