You were right. -An open letter to my mother-

Dear Mom,

You were right.

The things I thought were so important in my teens, were completely forgotten by my mid-twenties.

You were right.

I am beautiful. And you weren’t saying it in that annoying, all moms think their kids are beautiful, way. You meant it and it was something deeper. I am beautiful and it has nothing to do with my hair or my skin or the way a dress fits.

You were right.

Some things are wrong even if no one knows about it, because I’d know about it and that’s enough.

You were right.

Vegetables are amazing and I was missing out as a child.


But you were wrong about Buffy. That show is awesome.

Love, Cheryl

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Birds for my mom


This is the quilt I made for my mom about two years ago. This was one of my first quilts and my very first attempt at hand quilting. I actually had to call her a few times because when I started trying to hand quilt it, well, it was hideous and I could not figure out why. If I remember correctly, in the end, the front was nice and the back was… okay. Hand quilting is a craft I’d really like to work more on in the future.

My whole desire to try quilting actually came from missing my mom after I moved to Sweden. All my life she’s been sewing, usually actually in the living room hand quilting something, and it wasn’t something I really thought much about until I moved. It was suddenly odd not to have that all the time. No quilts on the walls. No sewing machine running. No shelves of craft materials to pick from at random (yes, mom, I took your craft stuff ALL THE TIME). So, I figured I’d start doing it too.

Of course, gathering quilting supplies in Sweden was not as easy to do as it would have been in California. There are fabric stores and there are craft stores and there are even embroidery stores, but none of those stores have quilting hoops or stencils or racks of clothing patterns or super pro looking thimbles.

Crafters of North America- you are spoiled. I had to order my hoop online and my mom and aunt were generous enough to send me a bunch of stencils and things.

Anywho, about the above quilt…


I loved making it. I loved finishing it. And most of all, I loved giving it away. I could have done the birds better… I’ve since learned how to do that.

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