Dreamy Pillowcase


I loved doing this project! I drew the music tree on paper first and then used carbon paper to trace it onto the blue pillowcase.  I worked on it at crafting fikas since it was something I could take with me easily and it didn’t take long at all.

The quote is from Raising Hope and reads, “If you stop dreaming, you’re just sleeping.” I thought it was a great quote and would work perfectly on a pillow so here it is! I freehanded the quote and was really happy that it turned out straight.

This was a gift to my dear friend Malcolm, the same that I made a music quilt for previously. I suspect he might be getting music themed gifts from me for a while.

I tried to keep both the tree and the words along the sides rather than the center after another friend pointed out to me how embroidery can be unfun to sleep on.

I really loved working on this and I’ll probably do more pillowcases in the future.



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