Dreamy Pillowcase


I loved doing this project! I drew the music tree on paper first and then used carbon paper to trace it onto the blue pillowcase.  I worked on it at crafting fikas since it was something I could take with me easily and it didn’t take long at all.

The quote is from Raising Hope and reads, “If you stop dreaming, you’re just sleeping.” I thought it was a great quote and would work perfectly on a pillow so here it is! I freehanded the quote and was really happy that it turned out straight.

This was a gift to my dear friend Malcolm, the same that I made a music quilt for previously. I suspect he might be getting music themed gifts from me for a while.

I tried to keep both the tree and the words along the sides rather than the center after another friend pointed out to me how embroidery can be unfun to sleep on.

I really loved working on this and I’ll probably do more pillowcases in the future.



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Birds for my mom


This is the quilt I made for my mom about two years ago. This was one of my first quilts and my very first attempt at hand quilting. I actually had to call her a few times because when I started trying to hand quilt it, well, it was hideous and I could not figure out why. If I remember correctly, in the end, the front was nice and the back was… okay. Hand quilting is a craft I’d really like to work more on in the future.

My whole desire to try quilting actually came from missing my mom after I moved to Sweden. All my life she’s been sewing, usually actually in the living room hand quilting something, and it wasn’t something I really thought much about until I moved. It was suddenly odd not to have that all the time. No quilts on the walls. No sewing machine running. No shelves of craft materials to pick from at random (yes, mom, I took your craft stuff ALL THE TIME). So, I figured I’d start doing it too.

Of course, gathering quilting supplies in Sweden was not as easy to do as it would have been in California. There are fabric stores and there are craft stores and there are even embroidery stores, but none of those stores have quilting hoops or stencils or racks of clothing patterns or super pro looking thimbles.

Crafters of North America- you are spoiled. I had to order my hoop online and my mom and aunt were generous enough to send me a bunch of stencils and things.

Anywho, about the above quilt…


I loved making it. I loved finishing it. And most of all, I loved giving it away. I could have done the birds better… I’ve since learned how to do that.

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Mother Daughter Quilts


So I wanted to make a quilt for my friend’s daughter but I also wanted to make a quilt for my friend. Solution? Mother daughter quilts. The daughter’s quilt I made smaller and a little simpler but I used the same material in both of them so that they would match.


This was the daughter quilt. I apologize for the wrinkles.. The circles and butterfly are cut out from other materials and then sewn to fusible interfacing that I cut a hole in the middle of to turn them right side out again so that when I put them on the quilt where I want them they had their edges sewn inside and the fusible part of the interfacing against the quilt. I ironed them into place where I wanted them and the interfacing made them stick, and then I sewed them down by hand. I sewed a few hearts onto the quilt too, from front to back through the batting.


Since it’s a baby quilt I sewed her name along the top and then her birth date on the bottom because, well, that’s what was on my baby quilt!


For her mother’s quilt I used the same materials. It’s larger and I did the same thing I did with the circles for the butterflies.


I also gave the butterflies little heads and antenna.

I had a great time working on these at craft fikas with friends in Umeå but was super excited to finally have a finished product.



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