Shopping Weekend in Stockholm


We went on a shopping weekend with Phong’s brother and Linn. It was a whirlwind of jackets and jeans as we were on a boys shopping adventure. Linn and I were along to give directions- not a bad use of our time especially as it got me out of the snow of Kiruna.



We spent most of our time in central Stockholm at the malls. Among the shopping favorites of the weekend were Zara, River Island, Solo and Deadwood.


It did not take long for Phong to start getting silly for the camera. As soon as he saw a bed display he got comfy.


Phong contemplating time on a decorative clock with no arms.


The Chau brothers on the narrowest street in Stockholm. They have a great habit of looking like an album cover.


Tomorrow I’ll put up a post full of pictures from my favorite shop in Stockholm! Hint, it’s full of books and fan swag…

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Old Time Market – Umeå


I love the craft markets at Gammlia in Umeå! This one had an emphasis on old fashioned crafts but they also had all of the usual crafters in the area there. I was really happy that this one happened while my mom and aunt were visiting so that they could see it.


Phong and I played count the dogs. There were eighteen! We saw an amazing stand by an artist called Nymla. I was so excited by her work that I didn’t even take any pictures! She makes trolls and horns and leather bound books. She has an Etsy under that name as well as a facebook.


We found a candy stand with rope candies. They’re a long gummy tube filled with sugary flavored paste and they come in a bunch of different flavors. Usually they come in strawberry, watermelon, cola, and raspberry.


This was Phong when I pointed out that they had a coconut one. >







< This was when the lady in front of us bought the very last coconut one.







And this was taken after he found out that the coconut one had a licorice filling and he had just dodged a very unpleasant candy bullet. >


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