How to make a smörgåstårta!


Turns out, smörgåstårtas are not so hard to make! I know, I know, from the pictures online you’d think it would be, but not so much. You don’t even have to bake anything!

We tried a few different things and it all turned out tasty and pretty easy.


That’s right, you just use loaf bread. You can use large unsliced loaves and cut them into thicker wedges if you want. You can also make them heart shaped or round and keep stacking them together long ways as well if you want a rectangle or a larger square cake. We did ours as “personal sized” so we could each try different things and decorate them. (Spoiler. Mine came out soooo much prettier.)

We cut the crust off because that was how all of the instructions I read did it, but I might not bother next time. It all gets coated in the end anyway.

We used a couple of fillings. One was egg salad. The other was cottage cheese with creme fraiche and apple shavings. It was pretty good. We did ours vegetarian but you can make the fillings however you like. Tuna salad. Chicken salad. Get experimental!


Ours were three breads high and then we coated the whole thing in a mixture of mayo, heavy cream (whipped together to be thick), chopped onions and chives. This is one of those things you make to taste. Mix and try and mix some more until you love it!




I put cucumber slices (sliced with a cheese slicer) on the sides of mine and then cheddar, tomato wedges and brie on top!

Phong’s was topped in ground up doritos, tomato wedges and brie.


Another smörgåstårta you could try out would be the mini.


Phong made this one for me as a birthday surprise. He toasted two pieces of bread and then used a cup to cut out circles. The creamy mix is the same as above that we coated the sandwich cakes in but this time he used it as filling too, and then covered it in ground up doritos (he knows me so well!). It was amazing!


Really amazing. We tore up the leftover bread into another bowl and then poured on the leftover sauce and dorito crumbs because we couldn’t get enough.

As you can see, once you break down how one of these is made, you can pretty much do anything with it. Now, if only it was healthy…


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Smörgåstårta = Swedish Sandwich Cake

20130804_171322Smörgåstårta = “sandwich cake”

It’s one of those foods that I enjoy so much that I almost have no pictures of it and only one, taken over the past five years of smörgastårtas, before it’s cut.


It’s pretty much exactly what you’re imagining, a sandwich in the form of a cake. Bread layers with a variety of fillings and mayonnaise coating wrapped in cucumber and lettuce and topped with tomato wedges, cheese and caviar.

Ours are vegetarian and have a cottage cheese and pineapple filling between the bread and another of egg salad but they can be made however you like. I know they often have tuna salad between the bread on the meaty ones and rolls of ham on top.


This might sound a little strange but if you ever have the chance to try it, go for it!

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