Music Quilt


So this is a quilt I made for my dear friend Malcolm. I suspect he’ll be quite tall when he’s done growing so I tried to make the quilt large as well.

You’ll notice it has a theme. I bought the music fabrics from a site called and the notes I sewed on myself, though not as well as I should have. I have since learned better methods of appliqué.



The piano at the bottom I did buy cutting out the white keys and then sewing them together and then appliquéing the black keys on top. As admitted previously, not my best work, but I was really pleased with the idea. I may one day need to redo these… I’m really proud of the quilt though. One of my first and like the others, it was a gift.

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The Math Quilt



This was actually the first quilt I did on my own. It is particularly long because I made it for my brother and he is particularly tall. He is also studying to be a physicist so I found some great fabrics at that I thought would be great.

The light blue one is actually a Fibonacci spiral.

The white one is supposedly actual equations, not that I could varify that, but my brother hasn’t complained or pointed out any failure in that realm yet so I’m guessing it’s right..

The squares were pretty simply and I added an extra block on the bottom and top because I had fabric over and wanted to make it even longer.


equilt2 equilt4



I used yarn to tie the front and back together with the padding in the middle rather than quilting it. I think quilting is a beautiful art that I would love to learn and get better at, but when it comes to quilts that are comfy to snuggle up in, I’ve always preferred the simple ones.

I finished and sent this one off maybe two years ago so hopefully it’s well rumpled and piled on his bed or couch in the States right now.

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