Smörgåstårta = Swedish Sandwich Cake

20130804_171322Smörgåstårta = “sandwich cake”

It’s one of those foods that I enjoy so much that I almost have no pictures of it and only one, taken over the past five years of smörgastårtas, before it’s cut.


It’s pretty much exactly what you’re imagining, a sandwich in the form of a cake. Bread layers with a variety of fillings and mayonnaise coating wrapped in cucumber and lettuce and topped with tomato wedges, cheese and caviar.

Ours are vegetarian and have a cottage cheese and pineapple filling between the bread and another of egg salad but they can be made however you like. I know they often have tuna salad between the bread on the meaty ones and rolls of ham on top.


This might sound a little strange but if you ever have the chance to try it, go for it!

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Chandeliers – Drottninholm Castle


After our visit to Drottningholm Castle in Stockholm, I realized that about half of my pictures were of chandeliers.


It took me a while but I whittled it down to a large handful to share here. I have not gotten over how much fun it was to visit this castle or how incredibly delightful it was to find out that we were allowed to take pictures inside. The last castle I visited in Stockholm had a no pictures policy that was rather disappointing. There was a throne in that one that was breathtakingly dwarfed by the room in which it sat and I have no picture of that.


You might notice that some of the pictures are dark. Drottningholm allowed picture taking but no flash using, although we totally saw a guy using flash anyway and gave him a stern glare for it.


I’d really like to have a loft someday that looks like one of these rooms. Just a small apartment with crazy tall windows and doors, gilded everything and a chandelier.


Or maybe a few chandeliers… How many chandeliers would be too many?


All of these were from Drottningholm. Just about every room we visited had at least one and I’m sure I took a picture of nearly all of them.


The last picture of me was taken by my beloved travel buddy/favorite photographer, Linn.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and if you ever find yourself near Stockholm, you should definitely check out Drottningholm castle. All of these pictures are still only a handful of what we got to see here.


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My beloved friend, Linn, surprised me with a weekend trip to Stockholm while Phong and I were visiting in Umeå last month! We had an incredibly fun time and didn’t even come close to seeing everything we wanted to.

Many blog posts are to come including: Drottningholm castle, the castle gardens, The Chinese Pavilion (mini castle), a whole post with just chandelier pictures and, of course, a flurry of cafes and a little hotel review too.


Above are some pictures of my new favorite street. It’s so little! And below are some snapshots around the city just to get started, mostly from Gamlastan (old town) and the edge of Södermalm.

All pictures of me were taken by Linn.


Gamlastan! The cobblestones were really pretty the first day but a nightmare by the last!



Starbucks is always an exciting and interesting find for me. They aren’t very common in Sweden, at all. I’ve only ever seen 3 and they are all in Stockholm (one here in the city, one in the train station, and another in the airport). There are a lot of cafes I like more, including the Swedish version of Starbucks, Espresso House, but getting a caramel frappuccino always reminds me of home.


Never seen one of these before. I imagine it has a coffee maker inside and some cops taking a break?


Starting to think I might pass for a giant if I ever traveled back in time. Not that I would ever sign up for such a thing. I like my time just fine.


Many more posts with pictures to come! Including fancy Sunday tea in Umeå!


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Junk Food Sweden – Sibylla


We don’t eat at fast food chains often but Phong had a craving for Sibylla fries and I figured I might as well snap some pictures! This is a classic burger chain here akin to Burger King or McDonalds.


Notice on the menu that they do have meatballs. They also serve kebab meat with sauces and chilies. They have all the usual suspects of a burger chain, of course. Onion rings. Fries. Burgers. Double burgers. Chicken burgers. And the always classic kid box.


There’s even a plate of sausage and mashed potatoes.


Of course, as you might have noticed already, Phong and I are vegetarian so we’re limited to the green meal. As far as vegetarian food has come, the veggie patty at fast food places is still pretty unamazing. The fries were great though!

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Swedish Pizza


Alright, if you’re not from Sweden then let me introduce you to Swedish pizza! If you are from Sweden, what are you doing here? Just walk a block or two and get your own.


I know, it looks almost the same as American pizza, but it is not. IT. IS. NOT. This whole thing is for one person. It’s super thin and usually you get a dressing on top too. I always order the garlic sauce but they always forget. It doesn’t even matter what pizza place I order from, somehow the sauce is almost always forgotten on mine.


It does not come cut, you do that yourself. The pizza may not seem that different but it is incredibly disappointing if you like your American pizza. Don’t get me wrong, I love it now, but it took a couple of years to come around to it. Once I tried to order it with olives and there were literally two whole olives on the pizza. No joke. That happens. Another option is to get a pizza roll like Phong did.


It’s pretty much a pizza that they then pile salad on and sauce and then roll up. It’s pretty good, especially if you’re eating it on the go. We had them when we were on the train from Kiruna to Umeå once. It made for a great travel meal.


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