SPiS – Kiruna Restaurant

20150402_174909(Vegetarian burgers with fries and coleslaw. It was a bean patty and eggplant. It was so big that I had to open mine up and eat it one side at a time with coleslaw on top.)


We decided to go out to dinner on Thursday and wanted to try one of the restaurants in Kiruna we haven’t been to. SPiS is pretty new and we’d heard about it but not been. It was amazing! We went for dinner but they also serve lunch earlier in the day. They have a deli with meats and cheeses and bread as well as some other foodie goodies.


Bread while we wait. It was great! I would have loved this place if only for the bread. The darker one had fruit in it and the lighter one was some sort of sourdough.


I ordered the garlic bread (more bread, I know) with veggies for a starter. Really yummy.



Phong had the shiitake soup and this was pretty interesting because it was made with shiitake mushrooms grown in Kiruna. There’s a lady here who grows shiitakes underground and sells them to local restaurants.


It took a while and a bit of teamwork, but we did it! This meal was so good that we didn’t even get dessert. We will definitely be visiting SPiS again and I would recommend that you try it too if you ever find yourself in Kiruna.


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Väla – Largest Mall in Sweden?

When we were in Skåne this summer we went to Väla in Helsingborg. It’s a big shopping mall with something like 180 stores and this time when we went I took the opportunity to photo stalk Phong all over the place. So, if you’ve ever wondered what’s going on inside Väla, or less specifically Swedish Malls, here you go! If neither of those things interest you, than you can play ‘Where’s Phong?’! I’ll give you a hint, he’s the guy in just about every picture.väla1


Most of the stores I’m putting in here are clothing stores but there were also a bunch of game shops, tech shops and candy stores. Swedes love candy. I know you think your country loves candy, but it’s just not the same. I’ll cover it in another blog entry someday.


This was iems! I’m still not sure how to pronounce it but it was my favorite of the stores. Phong found a sauce that matched his shirt, as you can see. I bought a fancy black umbrella here that somehow went unphotographed. To the right you can see the teapot I’ve wanted every year we’ve visited this mall but still never bought because I dread trying to get it home.


Odd Molly was cute but super pricey. Phong took one circle in it, realized there were no jackets for him to try on, and then went for the motorcycle. I love Accessorize! It’s super cheap and so cute. I buy a new wallet whenever I’m there.


Naked Juice Bar! Okay, so we seem to love juice and smoothies. It was great! There was also a yogurt place but we chose juice.


In case you haven’t met Phong before, he was looking for a jacket. A leather jacket. He has an amazing habit of making friends wherever he goes in this search.



Despite the search, no jacket in all the stores of Väla was found. Sure, there were a few to try on, but none that got the great honor of being added to his collection.

And now for food!


Phong had a vegetarian burger with a fake chicken patty and veggies on the side (because he’s that one person who actually doesn’t order fries, it kills me because it means I can’t eat his when I don’t get a burger). His burger was great and he was super happy with the veggies. My pizza on the other hand was super greasy and a little under cooked.

We also found an amazing Gräddbullar place but I’ll put that in a seperate post tomorrow. I even made a GIF out of Phong for it, so look forward to that!



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